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Infra is increasingly attracting the unwanted attention of cyber-criminals. Starting with the US and taking in Europe and Australia, we offer a view of the regulatory environment in these regions.
Infra July_Aug 2021 cover story cyber
Misunderstood and, until recently, insured away, the industry and governments are playing catch-up following a spate of cyberattacks.
In the last part of our cover story, we look at the challenges and opportunities of integrating electric vehicles into the grid.
The electrification of transport is key to containing global warming. In our two-part story, we investigate the solutions for decarbonisation.
Infrastructure’s biggest managers are finding price dislocations on the listed market. We find out where – and what they need to be wary of.
Although the UK has been host to some recent high-profile EfW deals, many in the sector are suffering with a myriad of construction and technological issues.
Services that support infra operations are an accepted part of investment strategies. Now, technology could be poised to replace physical assets completely
GPs are venturing into new sub-sectors as they diversify and chase higher returns. But do they have the skillsets to do so successfully?
As the extent of the pandemic became increasingly clear in early 2020, countries around the world restricted international travel and threw up hard borders. A general turn inwards economically accompanied this, with trade disrupted and nations understandably prioritising support for domestic businesses and individuals. In some ways, economic nationalism had already been a dominant theme before […]
In recent years there has been a surge in subordinated strategies. We examine what’s driving demand and how this might pan out in 2021.

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