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Events at the US Capitol last week underscored the president-elect’s mandate to rebuild a fractured America. Investing in infrastructure may be his best bet.
After four years of President Donald Trump, investors find themselves wondering again whether an administration under Joe Biden will bring meaningful infrastructure.
Solar power
The shift in emphasis, part of its First Low Emissions Technology Statement, is ‘surprising and disappointing’ and could hamper private investment.
From looking to coordinate investment between generation and transmission to developing Renewable Energy Zones, the government is tackling energy policy reform from multiple angles.
US highway, Austin, Texas
I Squared Capital’s Sadek Wahba proposes the creation of a national infra bank, a PPP advisory trust and tax reforms to further unlock foreign institutional investment.
gas tax hike
The US state is raising taxes on gasoline and diesel to help pay for infrastructure and is increasing the state’s use of public-private partnerships.
As the South American country battles covid-19, investment officials make the case that long-term infrastructure investments will outlast the short-term impact of the pandemic.
Australian currency
Superannuation members will know have until 31 December to withdraw A$10,000 from their accounts, extended from the previous deadline of 24 September.
Boris Johnson’s extraordinary ‘I am not a communist’ moment will have dashed the hopes of an expectant private sector.
Australian currency
Senator Jane Hume, assistant minister for superannuation, argues that the early super withdrawal scheme has gone ‘exceptionally well’ to date with only 0.5% of the whole system’s assets withdrawn.

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