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The UK’s Department for Transport is “satisfied that no conflict of interest is present’, though the approval process remains ongoing.
Yet other hurdles remain, including a possible referendum on the proposed sale that is pending approval by the Constitutional Council.
Taking its motives at face value, there is no obvious reason for the Government Pension Fund Global not to invest across the wider infra universe.
The move comes less than a month after the government said the fund would stop investing in upstream oil and gas.
Opposition party sponsoring the move says it is ‘not protectionism, but common sense and protection of sovereignty’.
The government of Ontario is seeking to export the Canadian province’s public-private partnership model to new markets through legislation that would allow its infrastructure agency to launch a for-profit project consultancy business. Monte McNaught, Ontario’s minister of infrastructure, said that allowing Infrastructure Ontario to advise on projects outside the province would create a new revenue […]
Garrett Reisman Space X
As an astronaut at NASA, Garrett Reisman was part of a government agency taking big risks. Now a professor and senior advisor at Space X, he’s helping the private sector manage those risks.
Peter Costello said partnerships with local investors, but also greater transparency on the part of sovereign funds is the way forward.
The government believes worsening borrowing conditions and lower traffic on the roads offered failed to attract investor interest.

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