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By doubling its size, we aim to create the most current list of the world’s largest infra equity managers. Send us your submissions by 30 July.
II 50
Earlier this week, we revealed the world's top infra GPs; today, we reveal what some of them are thinking.
Will a no-deal Brexit stop you from investing in the UK? A no-deal Brexit is likely to negatively impact the UK, but a robust supply of assets with strong infrastructure characteristics remain and are less likely to be affected. No, but it may cause a reflective pause. The UK will continue to be an attractive […]
Which presidential candidate would be more conducive to infrastructure investment in the US? We’re looking to increase our renewables build-out, for which policy will be more supportive under a Democratic administration. In the short term, probably Trump, who may use infrastructure investments as a way to boost the economic environment. Over the long term, though, […]
Is the infrastructure investment community doing enough to fight climate change? There are a lot of positives, but there is a long way to go, and examples like the wildfires in California prove that infrastructure is being impacted now. Although investing in renewables or other ‘green’ assets is clearly beneficial, concerted, collaborative engagement with existing […]
Stop racism
Can infrastructure help address inequality, such as racial inequity? Infrastructure businesses and owners can utilise progressive recruitment, retention, inclusion and remuneration practices to promote equality of representation, treatment and opportunity for all people – be that with reference to gender, race, age, socio-economic background, sexual orientation or any other characteristic. Although infrastructure such as mass […]
What is the main problem facing the infrastructure markets today? Not enough investment expertise for the amount of capital inflows. Inappropriate risks being taken for a given set of returns. Incentivisation of managers and potential misalignment of interests are a challenge that the infrastructure market continues to face. By their very nature, infrastructure assets are […]
Global Infrastructure Partners New York Founded in 2006, GIP is easily one of the industry’s premier independent GPs, well-known for the size of its flagship global funds and its value-add expertise. At the time of writing, the New-York-based manager runs the largest unlisted closed-end infrastructure fund in the world – Global Infrastructure Partners IV, which closed last […]
Size matters, but it’s only the result of a number of other factors that are the true measure of success. Martin Stanley, head of Macquarie Asset Management, tells us what they are.
The 2020 II 50 ranking is based on the amount of infrastructure direct equity investment capital raised by firms between 1 January 2015 and 31 August 2020.

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