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Week In Review: Energetic LP's

Cezary Podkul explores some of the reasons why LPs are so willing to open up their wallets to GPs in the energy sector.  

Week In Review: Right sermon, wrong audience

If US legislators are to better appreciate the benefits of PPPs, proponents need to spend less time listening to their own message and more time spreading it, writes Cezary Podkul.  

Week In Review: To privatise or not to privatise?

Even as the stars align for investors wishing to privatise infrastructure, they must not ignore the nay-sayers in their regions, writes Philip Borel.  

Week In Review: Public-private pains

As public-private partnerships roll across the globe, lawmakers should know that successful PPP rules include one key risk control - a guarantee that the private investor gets paid if the government changes its mind, writes Cezary Podkul.  

Week In Review: More government, please

Infrastructure is certainly getting to be a crowded field, but GPs don’t feel crowded out by government spending in the sector. Instead, they welcome it with open arms, writes Cezary Podkul.   

Week In Review: Reality Check

Infrastructure funds are seeking some $94bn in fresh commitments. Take this with a grain of salt. Massive opportunity notwithstanding, not all of these funds will get raised, writes Cezary Podkul.  

Week In Review: Open: for debate

What’s the best way to own infrastructure assets? A small, but increasingly vocal, group of open ended fund managers are saying, “Our way”, finds Cezary Podkul.  

Week In Review: Shelter from the storm

Market conditions worldwide are darkening, but the infrastructure asset class will likely be among the first to see the sun, writes Cezary Podkul.  

Week In Review: Taking Tolls

If state and local authorities' price expectations aren't met, negotiations with state legislators can prove futile for private infrastructure investors.  

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