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Infrastructure Investor: The Decade
The consortium is on track to recoup its $1.15bn investment by 2021 – just 12 years after being awarded a 75-year lease to operate the city’s on-street meters. But it still can’t shake the stigma of a bad PPP. 
Fibre cables
We look at what a meteoric rise in data consumption will mean for towers, fibre and storage. 
Europe’s regulatory regimes are becoming more punitive and may have reached ‘an inflection point’.
From lithium-ion batteries to solar power stations in space, the race is on to find efficient storage space solutions for renewable energy.
The war against plastic is increasing the focus on recycling and waste treatment, and raising tempting possibilities for infrastructure portfolios. 
Innovative care delivery models will create huge opportunities for investors in healthcare infrastructure over the coming years.
Virtual human
The world is moving online and there is money to be made in technology – but is higher education up to speed? 
The future of airports looks bright, automated and efficient. 
Arrows background
Buoyed by strong institutional appetite, the size of infrastructure funds has grown significantly over the past decade. We look at how big they might get. 
Investing for impact has risen up the agenda for many institutions with a rapid growth in allocations over recent years.

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