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Raymond Fung, chief executive of CGN Private Equity, tells us on how the world’s largest renewables market is moving towards a more distributed model in the next few years.
Glen Matsumoto, head of infrastructure at Actis, predicts investors that are already not targeting these assets will be doing so in the next three-to-five years.
As major European markets struggle to meet full-fibre expectations, we find out what infrastructure investors are doing to help bridge the gap.
JPMorgan Asset Management’s Stephen Leh, Infrastructure Research, posits three scenarios – recession, inflation and weak energy prices – that could put pressure on core portfolios.
Rolling stock lessors in the UK have enjoyed a decade of strong and stable business. Yet this market is being disrupted in a way that presents significant challenges for the incumbents.
Asia’s economic outlook remains strong – 6% GDP growth is expected in 2018 – and the region is well positioned to withstand any external shocks, the Asian Development Bank finds in its latest annual report.
Reports from the UK and Australia show that both the public and private sector are perfectly capable of delivering overweight RABs, suggesting the problem lies elsewhere.
Edelweiss Financial Services' Nitin Jain talks about the challenges of investing in Indian infrastructure, including fragmentation, a need for strong oversight and the newness of the asset class.
A focus on quality, a streamlined approach and a strong pipeline are cause for optimism. But Pillsbury associate Golda Calonge warns it’s not all plain sailing for investors interested in the Philippines.
And if you want a catchphrase to go with it, add ‘customer service’, as attendees at our Global Summit grappled with the heightened importance of end-users in an increasingly populist world.

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