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The tables have turned with infrastructure funds, once edged out of deals by yieldcos, now buying these vehicles.
Infrastructure assets are ‘particularly susceptible’ to community distrust and social licence should be considered at all stages of a project to combat this, says a report by think-tank Infrastructure Partnerships Australia.
Much is made of restrictions to foreign investment. Little, however, is heard about what happens when exits to certain types of investors create odd bedfellows.
How much value added comes from riding the interest rate curve versus more sustainable improvements?
In the first part of our A-Z, we examine agri-investing, blockchain, clean technology, diversity and education.
In February, Blackstone’s Jon Gray explained why it is time to respond to private investment’s naysayers with a targeted campaign of facts about the sector’s non-financial efforts.
Institutional investors are looking to invest capital in a shrinking market. But First Nations communities in need of serious investment represent untapped opportunities.
Our Global Investor 30 lists the leading LPs in terms of the amount of capital, but which investors are the most active?

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