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The firm has been organising itself to take advantage of increased opportunity in the asset class, according to co-chief executive David Layton.
The strong returns were slightly offset by a fall in the fourth quarter, as interest rates began to rise.
Investors are also demanding better reporting from managers if they are to proceed with their ESG targets.
Mainstream recognition of these practices ended up highlighting the difficulties the industry faces in measuring and adhering to them.
Investors seem concerned about an increasingly uncertain world, but capital keeps on pushing into new markets.
Digital infra has certainly moved into the mainstream. But with technology advancing at lightning speed, a growing number of investors are quickly recognising its wider potential.
container terminal
Firms are showing that capitalising on bad trade news today could lead to valuable dividends in the future.
Monopoly ownership came under fire for perceived abuses of power, especially in Australia and the UK.
The pressure is mounting on private capital to demonstrate it is a good steward of the assets it operates.
Segmentation within the infrastructure asset class didn’t emerge in 2019 but it did take on new forms, one being specialist funds.

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