2014 awards: Last chance to vote!

The poll closes tomorrow: Please make sure you take a little time out to influence the results in 54 asset class categories.

Firstly, our thanks to everyone who has taken the opportunity to vote in our 2014 awards. A new record has already been set for the total number of votes registered.

For everyone else, please take action now and vote HERE. The poll comes to an end at midnight tomorrow, Friday 16 January, when we will begin evaluating the outcomes in no fewer than 54 different categories – making this our most wide-ranging vote ever, as well as the most popular.

We know we’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – some of the contests remain so close, they are impossible to call.

We’ve previously drawn attention to the European public-private partnership deal of the year. At last glance, three of these deals – the A7 highway in Germany, A11 road in Belgium and Mersey Gateway Bridge PFI in the UK – were separated (remarkably) by just a single vote.

Two other tussles that we’ve not mentioned before are also shaping up for a tight finish. Helios Towers Africa, IHS Holding, Lake Turkana and SONEL are all jostling for the podium in the Africa deal of the year category.

Meanwhile, Equis Funds Group, Hastings Funds Management, Palisade Investment Partners and QIC are hard to separate in the Asia Pacific fund manager of the year battle.

It’s not too late, but it soon will be. We make our plea one final time: Please vote now!