Infrastructure Investor - Investor Calendar 2022

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GI 50 confirms infra’s pulling power

As a growing number of investors sought refuge in infrastructure amid a protracted pandemic and macroeconomic uncertainty, it’s not surprising that the 50 largest LPs committed $44bn more than last year.

Asterion: The mid-market’s rising stars

Industry veterans do not guarantee a new firm’s success. Asterion Industrial Partners’ co-founders share lessons on establishing an enduring manager and explain why they don’t plan to check out of the mid-market anytime soon.

Pricing natural gas’s end game

With the terminal value of natural gas-related infrastructure in doubt and questions surrounding the future of such investments and returns, we take a look at the long-term picture.

Ports weather the covid storm

The pandemic has caused severe disruptions to the global supply chain, but ports have proven resilient in what has been described as the biggest crisis since the start of container shipping, writes Alastair O’Dell.

The Climate Issue

Is infrastructure adapting for a changing climate? With global temperatures on track to rise by at...


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