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Fanny Grillo and Pierre Benoist d’Anthenay, fresh from EDF Invest, tell us about their plans for the new decarbonisation strategy.
The Australian superfund-owned managers would combine infra and property expertise, but stakeholders say they have distinct governance arrangements that will be hard to reconcile.
Dollar reveal hidden
After a dismal Q1, managers will need to adapt to continue raising capital in 2023. We probed the market to find out what they can expect.
As LPs flex their muscles in a rebalancing fundraising market, fund sizes stand to decrease.
Network cable with Fiber optics light internet concept
Head of infra Darren Glatt talks about the firm's recent investment in Wecom and previously in All Points Broadband and Consolidated Communications.
Gains have been made at board level, but gender diversity at asset level is proving harder to promote.
EQT halfway to core target, DigitalBridge joins hands with PIF and SUSI’s $150 million American Encore. Welcome to The Pipeline, the start-the-week briefing for our valued subscribers only.
aerial view of Lower Manhattan. New York
Global Infrastructure Partners V, which is targeting $25bn, is also thought to have between $5bn and $7bn in soft commitments still to come.
Governor Gavin Newsom is looking to accelerate the buildout of the state’s transportation, water, clean energy, electric grid and broadband infrastructure.
The impact on generation efficiency and the environment when more offshore turbines are clustered ever closer together in a changing climate is not clear.

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