ANI selects GICA P3 auditor

The Tecnicos y Economicos consortium has been selected from a pool of 32 applicants for a $14.8m contract to audit the construction works of the highway project.

Colombia's Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura (ANI) yesterday announced selection of the Tecnicos y Economicos consortium as the third-party auditor of the Girardot-Ibague-Cajamarca (GICA) highway public-private partnership (PPP; P3) project. 

The winning consortium was selected from a field of 32 bidders, and will oversee the technical, economic, financial, accounting, legal, administrative, operational, environmental, social, and building auditing of the GICA project under the COP$37 billion ($14.8 million; €13.9 million) contract.

The COP$1.02 billion project calls for the construction of a 35.1-kilometre divided highway between Ibague Cajamarca; of a second 10.8-kilometre roadway between Boqueron and Combiema; of Boqueron variants,  1.2- kilometre and 17-kilometre long, between the Cocora Valley and Cajamarca; and of a 3.1-kilometre divided highway between Boqueron and the Cocora Valley. Other works include bridge reinforcement in Cajamarca and the construction of seven new tunnels and 57 new bridges and viaducts.

In addition to construction works, Consorcio Promesa de Sociedad Futura, who won the contract for the project in early February, will operate and maintain the existing Girardot-Ibague-Cajamarca highway, with a total project length of 225.1 kilometres.

In all major P3 construction projects, the ANI utilises a third-party auditor to ensure that projects are completed to contract specifications and provide intended benefits to affected local populations.