Banking awards: The clock is ticking!

Time is running short to vote in our Banking Awards for Excellence 2013.

As institutions begin to find ways of accessing long-term infrastructure debt and thereby help to plug the perceived financing gap, it’s easy to overlook the vital and essential role of the banks.

This kind of oversight is not something we should find ourselves guilty of at Infrastructure Investor. After all, since first requesting nominations for our Banking Awards for Excellence 2013, we have been receiving constant reminders of banks’ continuing relevance to the asset class.

As we seek nominations across the world’s major regions, we are noting the wide range of roles being played – whether leading transactions, underwriting them, acting as bookrunner, pulling in other banks, syndicating to other banks or acting as facility agent. We are also surprised by the large sizes of some of the transactions and by the swiftness with which lending packages are being put together and approved.

In short: we’re impressed. But we still feel there are some market-leading transactions out there that we’re not being reminded of and which are sadly, therefore, not in the running currently. You have just a few days left to put that right before our fast-approaching deadline (close of business this Friday 14 February 2014).

Without further ado, please set aside a little of your time to seek the recognition you deserve by voting HERE