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Chart of the Week: Breakdown of deals

Financial closed infrastructure deals in Q3 2014


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In the third quarter of 2014, there are over 110 infrastructure deals that reached financial close with a total value of $71 billion, bringing the Q1-Q3 number to $180 billion. The value of energy projects accounts for 52 percent of the total deal value in the quarter, followed by transportation projects which are valued at $15.2 billion. Social infrastructure is the most popular sector by number of deals, however, its average deal size is much smaller than that of energy or transportation projects.

North America and Western Europe are the most favoured destinations by both value and number of projects. Cameron LNG, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) receipt terminal in North America, is the largest deal that reached a financial close in Q3 with a total value of $10.6 billion. Following is the $7.5 billion North West Rail Link Project in Australia and the $5 billion Gasoducto Sur Peruano gas pipeline project in Latin America.