Chart of the Week: Managers increasingly beating their target

Managers closing funds in 2013 are reaching target more often than those who closed in 2012.  



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Only eight funds missed their target in the first half of this year, with no funds closing below target at all in the third quarter. In fact, funds that raised exactly their target or above have collected, on aggregate, $2 billion more than expected so far in 2013. By contrast, 16 funds fell short expectations in 2012, raising $6 billion less than target on aggregate.  


Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 4 (MEIF 4) raised $1 billion more than its target size when it achieved final close in May 2013. Having collected $3.71 billion, the fund is the largest to close this year to date.  


Funds that missed their target have collected $4.68 billion on aggregate in 2013 – $1.5 billion less than what was anticipated. The largest fund that did not reach its target was AXA Infrastructure Fund III which invests into multiple sectors and targeted Western Europe.