Chart of the Week: Quarterly fundraising since 2010

 Although there is no correlation between the fundraising levels in each quarter, fundraising in 2013 looks set to surpass the levels of the previous three years.    



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The first three quarters of 2013 has raised a total of $19.74 billion, 46 percent ahead of the same period last year, despite eight fewer funds holding final closes. Seven funds closed above $1 billion collecting  $13.35 billion- the largest fund to close was Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 4 (MEIF 4) at $3.71 billion. In the third quarter, 15 funds held interim closes raising approximately $11.1 billion on aggregate. If fundraising continues in the same manner for the rest of the quarter, 2013 is on track to surpass 2012.

2012 fundraising reached a four year high, as 51 funds held final closes collecting $27.99 billion. More than half of this came from the fourth quarter which raised $14.50 billion.  Of this, $8.25 billion was raised from the largest fund to date – Global Infrastructure Partners II.

2010 was another year that collected a large amount of capital, raising $26.13 billion. 43 percent of the total came from the nine funds that closed in the first quarter. Alinda Infrastructure Fund II and GS Infrastructure Partners II were the largest funds to close in the quarter. Despite closing below its targets, both funds raised $7.2 billion between them. The first three quarters of 2010 collected $19.42 billion, just short of the capital raised in 2013 during the same period.