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II Awards 2016: Stage set for an upset

Two weeks before the end of a year rich in surprises, our 2016 awards could be engineering some of their own. Where should you expect to see them?

It’s been a tough year for pollsters on both sides of the Atlantic. Most did not see Brexit coming; fewer still predicted Donald Trump would win his seat in the Oval Office. As Infrastructure Investor’s Global Awards 2016 heat up, we will not tempt fate by offering predictions – but we can still give you a flavour of where races could see an upset.

Start with the Personality of the Year category. As we looked over the votes so far earlier today, it appeared that two contenders had gathered the exact same number of votes – with our third-ranked candidate within distance of catching up. Should the wind change over the holiday, a surprise winner could end up clinching one of our most prestigious trophies this spring.

2016 has also been a mega-year for global fundraising, with our four shortlisted contenders for this award set to raise at least $44 billion among them. Here two frontrunners are engaged in a very tight pursuit, with two votes separating them. The ability to garner capital also looms large in Europe, where only one ballots keeps the first-ranked fund manager away from its closest challenger. In America, a firm is more clearly leading the fundraising race – and it is perhaps not the one some expected to see.

How about deals? On the global front, one entry already has a strong lead, and it’s the same situation in Europe. Yet the polarisation of voters’ preferences is even starker in America, where one deal has garnered more than half the votes cast so far. The picture is more complex in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, where anything could pretty much happen. Closer still are the PPP races, where most of those who made it into the shortlists seem to have a crowd of loyal supporters.

The global debt provider category perhaps sums up the mood best. Here a blue-chip firm is nudging ahead, with a solid challenger breathing down its neck. As ballots continue to come in, either could win – as could their two shortlisted rivals, if the holiday break brings them a boost. In short, there is still much time to tilt the balance and make your opinion count. You can do so by following THIS LINK before 5 January.