Nomura to enter Asia infrastructure business

While setting up a team in Singapore, the Japanese investment bank has plans to create its investment vehicle for infrastructure opportunities in Asia.

Nomura, Japanese financial services group, plans to establish a new Asia Infrastructure Project Office in Singapore in August to expand and develop its Asia platform. 

The firm will hire about eight to nine people from the industry to be all based in Singapore, sources familiar with the matter told Infrastructure Investor. 

“It’s a completely new business. We will need industry professionals with experience and expertise,” said the sources. “Setting up the team in Singapore will help the firm tap into the opportunities presented in Southeast Asia and other emerging markets.”

With a focus on demand for funds to finance infrastructure projects in Asia, the Office will provide advisory services and help connect global investors with opportunities in the regions, as they increasingly seek alternative investments, according to a statement.

“This is an exciting development for Nomura as we look to help our clients in Asia add value to their businesses through investment in infrastructure projects,” said Mitsutoshi Murakata, head of the Asia Infrastructure Project Office, in the statement. 

“Nomura’s long term strategy is focused on the growth of Asia and we want to help facilitate the development of the region by connecting markets east and west as Asia’s global investment bank,” added Murakata. 

The team aims to enhance Nomura’s role as an intermediary and network hub between Southeast Asia and Japan, as well as other regions, by leveraging Nomura’s existing platform and collaborating with other divisions to strengthen the group’s presence in Asia as a whole.

The Japanese financial group hopes to eventually set up a principal investment fund from its own account to invest in infrastructure projects in Asia, including emerging regions, the sources added.   

Nomura declined to comment on the recruitment process and the establishment of the new fund.