Opex awards 2015: how did YOU add value?

We are beginning to read evidence of operational ingenuity, but we know there are plenty more success stories out there waiting to be told.

Submissions are beginning to be made for our inaugural Operational Excellence awards 2015 (submit HERE). But with only just over two weeks left before our closing date of 22 May, we are issuing this early reminder to ensure that no one misses the boat.

We are frequently told by fund managers that, in this period of intense competition for assets and the increasing proliferation of auction processes, the ability to add value to portfolio companies is an existential issue for fund managers. With fees rightly or wrongly a point of contention, investors will not be easily assuaged by managers apparently failing to live up to their self-proclaimed operational strengths.

Our awards represent an opportunity to shout your achievements from the rooftops – wherever your geographic location, whatever part of the market you operate in, and whichever techniques you have brought to bear at the company or asset in question. So please don’t hesitate…we eagerly await your input over the next fortnight!