PPP Canada seeks procurement template

The federal agency PPP Canada, which manages a C$1.2bn public-private partnership fund, has issued a request for proposals to create a framework for the procurement of PPPs.

Canada’s federal agency for public-private partnerships (PPPs) has issued a request for proposals to develop a template for the procurement of PPPs across the country.

PPP Canada was established in 2008 to advise on and assess PPPs. In addition to advising federal government agencies on PPPs, the organization manages the C$1.2 billion (€850 million; $1.22 billion) P3 Canada Fund, which has backed infrastructure projects including a wastewater treatment facility in Alberta, a train maintenance centre in Quebec, and road extension in Manitoba.

PPP Canada said it had issued the RFP for a procurement template because “to date, the federal government has not established a framework or procurement processes specific to P3 projects”.

The project involves preparing a report on best practices in provincial PPPs as well as analysing procurement processes of recent PPPs to formulate guidelines for future transactions, according to the government’s procurement website.

The RFP was published on July 29 and closes on September 12.

Earlier this year, PPP Canada also opened the third round of applications for the P3 Canada Fund. From the second round of applications, which closed in 2010, PPP Canada received 68 proposals across 11 provinces and territories. PPP Canada has previously said it expects to commit C$300 million to projects by the end of 2011.