Top five cities by fundraising

New York, London and Sydney leading the way in terms of fundraising since 2008.

Total capital raised since 2008 for the top five cities

Capital Cities Infra CORRECT SIZE 
Note: Funds raised by Macquarie have been recognised under Macquarie Group's head office in Sydney, as opposed to Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets' (MIRA) head office in London. 
Infrastructure Investor’s Research and Analytics team has been able to analyse fund raising data from the last five and half years to rank cities, by how much infrastructure capital they have been able to attract. This capital has been raised by general partners (GPs) for their infrastructure funds, which are based in these cities.  
A total of $75.09 billion has been raised in this period by the top five cities.

New York topped the chart, with GPs such as Global Infrastructure Partners and Citi Infrastructure Investors helping to attract the $28.14 billion that was raised in this period. Somewhat left in New York’s trails is London, which raised $16.67 billion. 3i and Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Partners are two of the firms which raised funds in this period. Firms based in Sydney, Paris and Washington raised $12.74 billion, $10.03 billion and $7.51 billion respectively.

A quick look at the funds that are currently in market suggests that Sydney may narrow the gap between London. Macquarie Group is currently raising a few funds, such as the Macquarie Infrastructure Partners III and the Macquarie Everbright Greater China Infrastructure Fund (MEGCIF) with a combined target size of $3.5 billion (although a portion of this has already been raised). Paris could also be well placed to rise in this ranking in the future, with Parisian firms InfraMed Management SAS, Meridiam Infrastructure and OFI InfraVia all currently raising funds.