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Virginia seeks private partner for I-64 bridge-tunnel

The state, which has sought P3 opportunities, has released a request for information for a $3.3bn plan to expand the Hampton Roads crossing.

Virginia’s Department of Transportation has issued a request for information for a $3.3 billion bridge-tunnel expansion over Hampton Roads.

The state is looking to ease congestion on I-64 by expanding the 5.6km tunnel, which crosses the roadstead, or harbour, just west of Chesapeake Bay in Northeast Virginia. In December, a state transportation board approved a plan for the expansion, which would see a new tunnel built connecting I-664 in Hampton and I-564 in Norfolk. The tunnel will have three or four lanes in each direction, an improvement over the current tunnel’s two.

The RFI, issued 17 March, looks to gauge private-sector interest in the project, noting that the proposals could be limited to designing and building the tunnel or may also including its finance, maintenance and operation. The DOT mentioned the inclusion of “potential tolling solutions” with dynamic rates set based on demand, as in other Virginia projects.

The state DOT, the project’s delivery agent, issued the RFI in coordination with the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission, the project’s funding agent. The DOT expects to determine a procurement method this summer and award a contract in the summer of 2019. The project’s completion is slated for 2024.

Virginia has been active in seeking opportunities to partner with the private sector on transportation projects. Last year, the state chose a consortium led by Meridiam and Ferrovial’s Cintra to develop the $2.3 billion “Outside the Beltway” project on I-66.