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2011 awards: One more day left!

The clock is ticking, with the Infrastructure Investor awards poll set to close at midnight tomorrow. This is a last call to those who have not yet registered their votes – do so now, or fail to influence the outcome!

Voting in the Infrastructure Investor 2011 awards poll is now open for just one more full day (until midnight tomorrow, January 20, 2012). The chance is still there for you to make a difference and ensure that the most deserving recipients get their dues (to vote, click here).  

It’s becoming clear that some of the contests will go to the wire. Intriguingly, one of these appears to be our new Personality of the Year award, where Paris-based fund manager Antin Infrastructure Partners’ founder and chief executive Alain Rauscher is locked in a tussle for the accolade with David Alvarez, executive director of the Puerto Rico Public-Private Partnerships Authority.

The outgoing and affable Rauscher has become a stout defender of the need for infrastructure funds to stand their ground in the fight for fund economics that make sense for teams seeking to add operational value. Even those who do not agree with his stance may still admire the eloquence of the case he makes.

Alvarez, meanwhile, has spearheaded the emergence of Puerto Rico as a hotbed of public-private partnerships. US infrastructure professionals have had their faith in PPPs sorely tested over the years, but Puerto Rico is one of the places they can take comfort from thanks to projects such as the PR-22 toll road.

But Rauscher versus Alvarez is not the only shoot-out in town. Global Infrastructure Partners and First Reserve are currently neck and neck in an intriguing race for the North American fund manager award, with Brookfield Asset Management in a close-up third. Meanwhile, in the law firm in Europe category, nothing presently divides Allen & Overy from Clifford Chance.

How will these and other contests resolve themselves at midnight tomorrow? You still have the power to decide (click here).