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A revision of Australia’s foreign investment rules will see ‘low-risk’ investments from familiar investors reviewed more quickly, particularly if they are made into non-sensitive sectors.
Research suggests that managers are much better off with a timely and orderly introduction of carbon taxes rather than waiting for panicked measures.
The US’s northern neighbour is introducing investment tax credits for clean energy, hoping replicability can be the answer to attracting investment. 
a group of people look at two diverging signs reading public & private
Britain’s infrastructure reputation has taken a beating in recent years thanks to changing governments, Brexit and water utilities in disrepute, to name but a few reasons. But there is a silver lining.
As ‘free money’ dries up, higher interest rates are reshaping critical dynamics of the renewable energy market, Zak Bentley and Daniel Kemp find.
GI Hub CEO Marie Lam-Frendo argues there is scope to reduce regulatory capital charges by 60% if historical data are used to define risk weights.
Achieving standardisation in data remains the holy grail for infrastructure.
The need for sustainable infrastructure is obvious to many, but some managers must walk a tightrope to navigate the anti-ESG movement.
Managers face a difficult task in managing impacts beyond their direct operations.

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