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UK water regulator demands ‘profound changes’ from water companies

Ofwat tells UK water providers to drop their cost of capital to a record low and be ‘more efficient and innovative than ever before’.

Risky business

The government’s recently announced National Energy Guarantee could shorten contract duration, creating a risk-return profile closer to fossil fuel merchant generation, argues Maven Libera’s Mark Gemmola

UK infra investment ‘imprudent’, London pension scheme warns

Concerns over asset renationalisation have pushed the Collective Investment Vehicle to pursue a more global approach to infrastructure.

NY Summit: ‘If we’re lucky, we’ll have an infra bill a year from now’

Martin Klepper recently resigned as the first executive director of the Build America Bureau but says President Trump has at least sparked a conversation about infrastructure that’s been ‘very helpful’.

S&P gives thumbs up to NSW’s infra strategy

The Australian state’s approach is a ‘best practice’ model of risk allocation and can be replicated globally, says the ratings agency.

How to protect yourself against a hack

No cybersecurity programme can be totally foolproof, but there are key ways to reinforce any effort and mitigate the biggest cyber-risks.

Passports low priority for European Commission

Policymakers are focused instead on establishing a smoother-running single market, according to Sven Gentner, head of asset management at the EC.

China tightens PPP scheme over risk concerns

Regional finance bureaux told to filter projects from country’s $2.7bn PPP programme and impose stricter controls over approvals.

HK Summit: ‘Asian infra risks are more perceived than real’

Local knowledge and due diligence are the key to investing in some of the fastest growing regions in the world.

Are we harnessing the energy transition in Australia?

ANZ’s Craig Shortus, head of utilities and infra for Australia, and Tsen Wong, director, utilities and infra, institutional banking, tell us what steps Australia should take to improve its energy mix.