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Passports low priority for European Commission

Policymakers are focused instead on establishing a smoother-running single market, according to Sven Gentner, head of asset management at the EC.

China tightens PPP scheme over risk concerns

Regional finance bureaux told to filter projects from country’s $2.7bn PPP programme and impose stricter controls over approvals.

HK Summit: ‘Asian infra risks are more perceived than real’

Local knowledge and due diligence are the key to investing in some of the fastest growing regions in the world.

Are we harnessing the energy transition in Australia?

ANZ’s Craig Shortus, head of utilities and infra for Australia, and Tsen Wong, director, utilities and infra, institutional banking, tell us what steps Australia should take to improve its energy mix.

Increased transparency in China’s PPPs, says Moody’s

The country’s market for public-private partnerships has grown by $437bn in the first half of this year.

The battle for listed infra goes nuclear

By calling for regulators to step in, EDHECinfra risks a chain reaction that will spread beyond listed infra.

‘Volatile attitude’ to cybersecurity emerges after SEC attack

The hack on the agency’s EDGAR system is not an excuse to become complacent on cybersecurity, firms are warned.

Cryptocurrency: looking to the future

Private equity remains cautious about exposure to cryptocurrency and blockchain, but as regulators grow to understand the technology, more managers could get on board.

Trump is committed to ending the carried interest loophole

White House Economic Advisor Gary Cohn reaffirmed Trump's position despite the administration's tax reform framework making no mention of it.

UK post-Brexit marketing position still unclear

The UK is unlikely to be approved for a marketing passport in time for a 2019 exit from the EU.