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Americans back infra spending boost, poll shows

Nearly 80% of respondents favour President Trump’s proposal to pump cash into infrastructure, according to a CNN/ORC poll conducted in the days after Trump’s address to Congress.

Nearly four out of five Americans support President Trump’s plan to increase infrastructure spending, a CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday revealed.

The poll, conducted in the four days following Trump’s 28 February address to Congress, showed 79 percent of respondents approved of the president’s plan to increase infrastructure spending, while 18 percent disapproved.

Support cut across party lines: 87 percent of Republicans and 72 percent of Democrats surveyed said they supported the increase. While whites and men favoured the plan a bit more than non-whites and women, support was above 70 percent across all subgroups, including those based on income and education level as well as geographical location.

While Trump promised legislation to produce $1 trillion in infrastructure investment through public and private financing, details such as how to pay for the plan have yet to be filled in. The CNN poll, similarly, asked broadly whether those polled support increasing spending on infrastructure. Once details of a plan begin to take shape, the proposal may become more contentious.

The poll was conducted on a random sample of 1,025 Americans through telephone interviews. Results of the survey have a 3 percent margin of error.