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Dry powder and ‘perpetual’ funds can drive investors to emerging markets

Global Infrastructure Hub’s Chris Heathcote tells us emerging-market risk is ‘overblown’, as report finds $2trn investment need for 10 African countries.

Who’s afraid of rising interest rates?

Interest rate rises are a chief concern for infrastructure investors. But the asset class is proving resilient throughout different economic cycles. If anything, as rates increase, so does interest from investors.

Careful who you exit to

Much is made of restrictions to foreign investment. Little, however, is heard about what happens when exits to certain types of investors create odd bedfellows.

Is regulation becoming overly politicised?

Demand for regulated assets shows no signs of abating, but neither does regulatory risk as a major investor concern. We delve into the apparent cognitive dissonance.

Reputational risk in the #MeToo era

Maintaining a good track record, resisting style drift and choosing the right partners are usually the boxes ticked to mitigate reputational risk. But with the rise of the #MeToo movement, industry stakeholders need to expand their horizons.

‘Super-core’ funds capture the zeitgeist with focus and duration

Macquarie coined it and Brookfield’s also minting it but expect others to latch on to this catchy moniker as the cycle turns.

The energy transition is driving forwards

The pool of investable assets is widening beyond renewables, as highlighted by Meridiam’s recent electric vehicle charging services deal.

Diversity matters

The fact workplace diversity played a role in Chicago Teachers’ recent $50m infrastructure allocation underlines how important the issue is becoming to LPs.

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