Belgium tenders over €600m of roads

The Flemish authorities have recently published tenders for two new roads worth over €600m including a new ring road in the Bruges region and part of a highway crossing the country from north to south.

Via Invest – a Flemish government-owned joint venture targeting road investment – has published tender notices for two new roads in Belgium worth over €600 milllion.

The two roads – the A11 Bruges ring road and the Limburg highway – will require the private partner to design, build, finance and maintain the two projects over a period of 25 to 30 years, according to both the roads’ tender documents.

The costlier of the two projects is the Limburg highway, an 11-kilometre link that will form a part of a larger corridor crossing Belgium from the north to the south and linking up with neighbouring Netherlands. It is estimated to require €315 million in capex.

The A11 road in Bruges will cost €310 million in capex and is intended to better connect the Bruges-Zeebrugge port, which is currently linked to its hinterland through a series of roads poorly suited for large freight volumes.The new link will run over 13 kilometres.

Interested parties have been asked to submit prequalification documents for both roads on May 19.

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