Chart of the Week: Funds closed in 2013 by region

Global/multi-regional funds gathered half of the capital


Over the past 12 months, a total of $33.6 billion was secured by unlisted infrastructure fund managers, a 20% increase on $28 billion raised in 2012. While the capital raised in 2013 was a record hitting number, it should be cautioned that only 41 final closings were held in 2013, the lowest since 2009, indicating more capital is being placed with fewer funds and fundraising for infrastructure is bifurcating. It is likely that large global asset managers will also continue to be successful in their fundraising while others will find it more difficult.


In terms of region, more than half of the capital collected, $16.9 billion are funds that have a global or multi-regional remit. For example, Brookfield Infrastructure Fund II was the largest global fund closed in 2013 at $7 billion, exceeding the original $5 billion fundraising target. North America and Pan Europe were the most prominent regions, with $4.7 billion and $3.7 billion were raised respectively. Western Europe funds were not far off, which attracted $3.5 billion – the highest amount after 2010.

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