Chart of the week: Funds in market by sector in Q2 2014

Private energy funds continue to show active presence in the market in Q2 2014.

20140716 411
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Energy focused funds dominate the unlisted infrastructure space in 2013, with over 65 percent of closed funds quoted energy under their investment scope, and is poised to continue into 2014. Data from Infrastructure Investor’s Research & Analytics shows that 61 and 65 percent of funds in market is for energy in Q1 and Q2 2014 respectively.

The five largest funds coming to market in Q2 2014, including the $20 billion targeted Global Strategic Investment Alliance (GSIA), the $5 billion targeted IL&FS Infrastructure Debt Fund, the $4 billion targeted Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners II, the $3 billion targeted Alinda Global Core Infrastructure Fund and the $3 billion targeted Climate Public Private Partnership (CP3), will all consider to invest in energy sector. 

Renewables and transport are the second and third preferred sectors with 41% and 30% respectively of funds listing it as a focus for investment.