Chart of the Week: Insurer Geographic Segmentation

40 percent of insurers come from Europe


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Infrastructure Investor’s Research & Analytics team monitors global infrastructure fund investors’ activities. We have profiled over 101 insurer investors around the world in the asset class as to date. The biggest component comes from Europe which makes up 40 percent of the total number. 23% of these European insurer investors are headquartered in Germany. The next two major groups come from Asia-Pacific and North America, making up 36% and 20% of the insurer investors around the world respectively.

Two European insurers set extra allocation to infrastructure in early December after the UK government introduced a new withholding tax exemption for private placements. Aviva had made an allocation of £500 million to UK infrastructure projects, on top of the £500 million it already allocated to the asset class in December 2013. Meanwhile, Allianz intended to add maximum £3 billion in UK infrastructure over the next three to five years while it is deploying around £600 million in UK infrastructure debt by the end of 2014.