Coffee-table PPM

An OMERS marketing document is an objet d’art

A new alliance-building effort from Canada’s Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) is remarkable in two respects. On the one hand, the Global Strategic Investment Alliance – an attempt to piece together four large-scale pools of pension capital around the world to jointly invest $5 billion each into infrastructure and real estate – is historic for its vision and ambition. But its PPM is arguably just as groundbreaking. It may be the most beautiful marketing document we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a lot.

Gone is the spiral plastic binding, the term-paper layout, the dull delivery. This PPM comes hard-bound and sheathed in a gold-coloured case. Protecting its table of contents is a layer of translucent vellum paper with “OMERS” “Oxford” and “Borealis” logo watermarks. It makes its case for “co-investment in large-scale infrastructure and real estate assets” alongside sweeping full-bleed photos of downtown Toronto and Southampton Port in England.

If we could afford the $5 billion minimum commitment, we’d sign up in a heartbeat based on aesthetics alone.