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The Athens, Greece Marathon of Marathons will be his seventh such race, says J.C. Flowers & Co. managing director Jordan Robinson, who looks forward to the challenge as well as the charitable opportunity to ‘help the innocent’.
Were 1860s Irish and Chinese workgangs 16-times more productive than Amtrak's contractors? asks David Snow.
David Snow supposes he should respond to Philip Borel’s lame marathon challenge.
Charles Eaton says banning unregistered placement agents from doing business with public US institutions is ‘the right decision’.
The crafters of the AIFM have good intentions, but they must be shown that key proposals of this directive benefit no one and may create a Kafkaesque business environment, writes David Snow.
In addition to registering some $2.2bn in shares in New York, the alternatives giant will sell additional shares to the public as it expands and diversifies its franchise.
Placement agent Alfred Villalobos is facing a civil suit, while the head of the pension’s alternatives programme has been placed on leave.
The attorney general of California today filed a civil suit against placement agent Alfred Villalobos and a former CalPERS board member. In addition, the head of the pension’s giant alternative investment programme has been placed on administrative leave.
The newly unveiled PEI 300 ranks Goldman Sachs Principal Investment Area as the largest private equity direct investment programme in the world, just ahead of Carlyle and KKR. The 300 firms on the list have collectively raised less capital over the past five years than in previous years’ rankings.
The placement vet believes GPs should share the firm, just like him.

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