Japan agency takes forward eight projects

A string of PPPs were named by the Japan International Cooperation Agency as possible recipients of financing.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has selected eight projects across infrastructure sub-sectors submitted by the private sector in response to a Preparatory Survey for PPP Infrastructure launched by the agency in its most recent fiscal year.

JICA has issued four public calls for proposals in total thus far, two of which occurred in the most recent fiscal year including one in September, which generated the eight project proposals.

The field was narrowed from an initial 14 proposals featuring some 37 international corporations across various sectors including electricity, water, waste and transportation, according to a press release. Among the submissions, Sri Lanka and Iraq made their debut appearance in the study. 

The selected projects, with representative members listed below, were decided based on demand and feasibility; including likely access to Japan's Overseas Development Agency (ODA) financing:

• Industrial Decisions
• Nippon Koei Co.
• Japan Expressway International Company Limited
• EX Research Institute
• Nippon Koei Co.
• Oriental Consultants Co.
• Oriental Consultants Co.
• Unico Corporation

In a press release, JICA outlines the need to introduce the private sector into all facets of the PPP process – including administration, maintenance and post-construction management – rather than limiting investors to the building phase.

Investors that participate in the JICA study do so based on the premise that they will receive ODA support. JICA will commit a maximum of Y150 million (€1.5 million; $2.0 million) of study expenses, according to the release.