Make your case for banking excellence!

Submissions are now being sought for Infrastructure Investor’s inaugural Banking Awards for Excellence in 2013.

The Global Financial Crisis altered the infrastructure asset class in numerous ways – including how the banks engage with it. Pre-Crisis, long-term bank finance was common. Now, bank tenors have reduced considerably and various solutions have been proposed (and sometimes implemented) that would formalise the banks’ shorter-term role in infrastructure financing while facilitating the transfer of long-term debt positions to institutional investors.

For all this, banks remain centre stage in the financing of infrastructure assets and companies. Indeed, as their role has changed, so the need for innovation has come to the fore. Infrastructure Investor’s inaugural Banking Awards for Excellence seek to recognise this. In no fewer than 31 categories, we are seeking to identify the most outstanding examples of infrastructure banking ingenuity in 2013.

So, without further ado, why not make your submission(s) HERE.

The categories are divided up both by sector (transport, energy and social infrastructure) as well as by geography (Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and Asia Pacific). We also offer awards for outstanding individual performance (our so-called “rising stars”) in each of these geographic regions.

We are inviting your submissions in as many – or as few – categories as you wish. As you will see when perusing the submission forms, we ask for basic details about the transaction in question but also request specific “key metrics”, such as why the deal may be viewed as innovative, whether it involved a new (or new application of) a financing technique, and whether it helped to advance a particular market in some way?

We need all forms to be completed and sent back to us by midnight on Friday 14 February 2014 GMT at the latest. The merits of each submission will then be considered by a panel of judges including Andy Thomson, Senior Editor of Infrastructure at PEI, as well as longstanding senior infrastructure banking professionals.