North America’s most active investors

Our Global Investor 30 lists the leading LPs in terms of the amount of capital, but which investors are the most active?

Of the top 10 most active investors, only the European Investment Bank does not heavily favour North America – all the others place North America first, or second only to a multi-regional focus.

Predictably, the EIB favours Europe. Of the other nine – all of which are headquartered in the US – six have a regional focus on North America, two give equal weighting to North American and multi-regional strategies, and only one has prioritised a multi-regional approach over a specific one.

All figures are for the number of commitments made over the past five years.

Between them, the top 10 have allocated $181.8 billion globally to infrastructure since the start of 2014.

1 European Investment Bank: 31 commitments


2 Teacher Retirement System of Texas: 30 commitments


3 University of Michigan: 27 commitments


4 San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System: 24 commitments


5 Oregon State Treasury: 23 commitments


6 Maine Public Employees Retirement System: 20 commitments


7 Virginia Retirement System: 20 commitments


8 Alaska Permanent Fund: 19 commitments


9 New Mexico Educational Retirement Board: 18 commitments


10 Employees Retirement System of Texas: 17 commitments