Origo recruits South African MD

Beijing-based private equity group Origo Sino-India has hired John Blake as managing director of mergers and acquisitions.

Origo Sino-India, a private equity firm that invests principally in China and India, has recruited John Blake as managing director.

Blake will be responsible for finding and closing South African deal opportunities that have a particular relevance to India and China, as the firm looks to utilise the country’s natural resources for the benefit of two of the world’s biggest consumer markets.

Blake founded Hyperion Capital Services, a provider of consulting and corporate finance advisory services, in 2003, and is on the board of Smartplan Consulting, a provider of business intelligence services to South African companies.

Chris Rynning, Origo’s chief executive officer, said: “There are significant business opportunities arising between resource-rich South Africa and the resource-consuming economies of China and India. As established and well-connected investors in China and India, we are advantageously placed to leverage such opportunities and, with a highly experienced senior executive now in place in South Africa, we will be able to identify such opportunities more quickly than we could from Beijing or Mumbai.”

Origo, a private equity investment and advisory group, floated on London’s alternative investment market in December, raising £12.8 million (€18.8 million, $25.6 million). It has invested mainly in the shipping, manufacturing and hospitality sectors.