Who were the best in infrastructure in 2011?

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We are delighted to announce the opening of the Infrastructure Investor annual awards for 2011 (click here). 

The awards recognise excellence in the infrastructure asset class in 45 different categories, highlighting the achievements of fund managers, limited partners, banks, developers, law firms and service providers all over the world. And we have been busy here reviewing and refining some suggestions for you to consider.

Let’s take just one of these categories: Global Infrastructure Deal of the Year. 

Should this be the tenacious pursuit of German rival Hochtief by Spanish developer ACS, which ended in a successful bid only after a series of determined rearguard actions by the target? Or should it instead be the latest investment in  Gassled, the Norwegian pipeline that has attracted financial backers like bees to a honey-pot? 

Or perhaps the top slot should go to  Cheung Kong – the investment vehicle of billionaire Hong Kong business magnate Li Ka-shing – for its most recent swoop on a UK utility (Northumbrian Water), having won last year’s equivalent award for its takeover of EDF Energy? But then what about  the PR-22 toll road in Puerto Rico, for providing evidence that, with a sound framework in place, the US and its territories really can deliver carefully crafted public-private partnerships?    

What do you think? In this, as with all of our other 44 categories, we have four shortlisted voting options. However, as in previous years, we also include a fifth option which allows you to nominate your own candidate should you feel that the best contender is not to be found among those listed. (Beware our ‘rogue voting’ filter, however! As always, we will not accept votes for your own organisation). 

A new category in this year’s awards is for Global Infrastructure Personality of the Year. This introduction is designed to recognise the individual who, through their actions, had the most impact on the asset class in 2011. This time, we’ll let you click on the link in the first paragraph above to discover who we think should be in the running…

Voting will remain open until midnight on January 20, 2012 and you can vote in as many or as few categories as you wish. Winners will then be announced in our annual review, which accompanies the March 2012 issue of Infrastructure Investor

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