Chart of the Week: Funds’ Sector Preference

Energy continues to be a dominant sector for infrastructure fundraising

Global unlisted infrastructure fundraising in 2013 surged to over $47 billion from the $30 billion in 2012. We saw energy continued to be the dominant sector as over 65 percent of the 2013 closed funds quoted energy under their investment scope, and the five largest funds in 2013, including the $7 billion Brookfield Infrastructure Fund II, the EUR2.75 billion ($3.78 billion) Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 4, the EUR1.93 billion ($2.65 billion) EQT Infrastructure Fund II, the KRW2450 billion ($2.29 billion) KIAMCO Power Energy Private Fund Special Asset Trust 3 and the $2 billion EnerVest Energy Institutional Fund XIII, will all consider to invest in energy. Fundraising effort was diverted from transport and social infrastructure, as 19 percent and 6.3 percent of the 2013 closed funds will look into the respective sectors, and the numbers were 28.6 percent and 20.6 percent respectively in 2012.