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Design works start for India’s new state capital

The Singapore trade agency has deployed a team of 25 experts to design plans for the capital of India’s eighth largest state.


Two teams from International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore), Singapore’s trade agency, have arrived in Hyderabad this weekend to start design work on the new capital of the recently split state of Andhra Pradesh, India’s eighth-largest state.

The move comes after a memorandum of understanding was signed a month ago between the Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh and IE Singapore, which will see the latter not only design the masterplan for the city’s construction in sixth months' time but also train Andhra Pradesh officials in urban governance.

Construction works are to start immediately after the design is finalised and expected to last three years. Singapore companies are already in the league for construction projects.

Reports of interest from Japanese firms in the project were also echoed in the press, with the Japanese imperial family paying Mumbai a visit last month.

The local press reported on Saturday that the administration of the Andhra Pradesh state’s central district, which will be home to the new capital, had already acquired nearly 2,500 to 3,000 acres (10 to 12 kilometers) from farmers around the Vijayawada-Guntur stretch for the project.

Andhra Pradesh has ambitions to boost its economic prospects through fresh investment in transport infrastructure, utilities, hospitality infrastructure and industrial parks. Singaporean companies such as Sembcorp Industries and Ascendas already have a foothold in the state's power and offshore marine sectors.