Honduras re-launches highway tender

After failing to attract bids last year, the country's PPP agency is giving CA-4 Phase I another go.

The government of Honduras has re-launched a tender calling for the financing, construction and operation of the CA-4 West Road Project under a 30-year PPP contract.

Along with CA-4, the Western Corridor project will focus on the 106km Chamelecon-Naco-La Entrada route, with a connection between CA-10 and CA-11 also included in the scheme. The 24km Chamelecon-Naco section of the route will be expanded to four lanes, with road signs and drainage systems set for upgrades. 

Renovation work on the 82km Naco-La Entrada section will include improved signage and repairs. Coalianza, Honduras' PPP agency, is seeking national and international developers and investors to bid on the project by 31 May. 

The Honduran government previously failed to meet the market in a contest that was initiated in October 2014 and concluded last June. The only shortlisted company to submit a bid, Eterna SA de CV, withdrew its offer because it deemed the concession's standards too high, according to a statement delivered to local media. 

Three remaining shortlisters – Consorcio Carreteras de Occidente, Consorcio Vial de Occidente, and construction company Carrillo Caicedo – declined to submit bids at the time, forcing Coalianza to declare the procurement void. 

The entirety of planned works for CA-4 will require an estimated investment of $270 million, with the first phase – the one currently being re-tendered – expected to require $121 million in investment, according to tender documents. The initial phase is expected to create 10,000 direct and 43,000 indirect jobs. The project will benefit an estimated 1.2 million people living in the region. 

All received offers are set to be opened on 11 October.