Rhode Island receives four proposals for transit PPP

Four developers responded to a request for qualifications to combine a bus service centre and a train station.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) said it will begin evaluating proposals submitted by four developers interested in developing a new transit hub in Providence.

RIDOT said it received four proposals in response to a request for qualifications sent on 30 June to build the Providence Intermodal Transit Center. The four firms include Boston Development Collaborative, Boston Properties Limited Partnership, Marsella Development Corporation and Redgate Capital Partners.

The transit centre project will combine a bus service center with the Providence train station currently located a quarter mile away. The project also includes building a new transit hub that will improve ridership and provide commercial, retail, office and residential development.

RIDOT director Peter Alviti Jr. said in a statement the project will “engage” the private sector to work on a public project, “spurring economic development opportunities in which private industry shares the cost”.

The next phase of the procurement is for RIDOT to evaluate which proposals are feasible based on criteria including the firm’s experience with transit facilities and public-private partnerships and the proposal’s viability. Request for proposals are expected to be sent to qualified firms by the end of the year, RIDOT said. It intends to award a contract for the transit hub by later summer 2017 and construction is expected to begin in fall 2018.

RIDOT is collaborating on the Providence Intermodal Transit Center with Department of Administration's Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority.