Paradise calling

Addressing a summit in India, Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives, called for help in developing infrastructure on the idyllic South Asian island archipelago. 

He said: “We invite investments in the areas of infrastructure development – airports, ports, running of sewage systems, renewable energy, education, healthcare and hospitality.”

Emphasising a particular enthusiasm for renewable energy projects, Nasheed said the Maldives was hoping to become carbon-neutral in 10 years and that $100 million of investment per annum would be needed to meet this aim. The Maldives recently hit the headlines when Nasheed presided over the world’s first-ever underwater meeting of a government cabinet in an attempt to draw attention to the effects of climate change.

Nasheed added that he was seeking to further open up the Maldives’ economy and would aim to privatise several public sector companies.

All of which are surely reasons enough for heeding Nasheed’s siren call for infrastructure investors to come and join him in the Maldives.

If you’re still not persuaded, why not gaze at the accompanying picture while dwelling on the description of the islands on “Sun, sand and sea, a thousand ‘Robinson Crusoe’ islands, massive lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens”.

Something tells me infrastructure professionals may be booking out Maldives flights as we speak. And one-way tickets may be outselling returns.