Energy Transition

Industriens Pension bets on infra to play offence and defence

'We play all angles,' Industriens' head of real assets, Jan Østergaard says, detailing the LP's approach to investing in the asset class.

The EU has an action plan for grids – sort of

While there’s much to applaud in the Commission’s proposed framework, it lacks the bite needed to transform intentions into action in time to meet net-zero goals.






    Energy Transition A-Z

    The energy transition used to be a niche interest, but now there is a veritable dictionary’s worth of subsectors, a selection of which are covered here.

    Artificial intelligence infra ET24

    A is for… Artificial intelligence

    AI’s rise imperils the energy transition, but it could also be part of the solution, writes Christopher Walker.
    Batteries Infra ET24

    B is for… Batteries

    Smaller may be better: Smart technology and more EVs coming online could limit the need for battery systems and flexibility assets.
    carbon capture and storage

    C is for… Carbon capture and storage

    Scaling up the technology is the next challenge as regulatory support boosts investor appetite.
    D is for II ET24

    D is for… District heating

    By retrofitting district heating networks with green energy sources, decarbonisation can be greatly accelerated.
    Emissions trading

    E is for… Emissions trading

    The ability to offset carbon emissions from hard-to-abate sectors through either compliance or voluntary trading markets is a critical component of the energy transition.
    Floating solar

    F is for… Floating solar

    The niche technology is perfectly suited to jurisdictions where space is at a premium.
    Geothermal energy

    G is for… Geothermal

    Hope is growing that the technology could play a more prominent role in the energy transition.

    H is for… Hydrogen

    Geologists and governments are getting excited about naturally occurring hydrogen, but huge sums may be required to get it to scale.

    I is for… Interconnectors

    Interconnections are poised to enhance grid stability and reliability as the net-zero energy mix grows.
    Justice Just transition

    J is for… Just transition

    Pushback on moving to a low-carbon economy may be a sign that governments and investors are not paying enough attention to a just transition.

    K is for… Potassium

    Pressures on lithium supply are prompting interest in alternative battery technologies.

    L is for… LNG

    Uncertain market conditions, the COP28 agreement and the US’s recent decision to halt LNG exports signal that the lifespan of some of these assets may be shorter than assumed.
    Methane fossil fuels drilling

    M is for… Methane

    The energy sector has a methane problem and needs to take urgent action.
    Nuclear energy

    N is for… Nuclear energy

    Demonised by some and viewed as the only reliable route to decarbonisation by others, nuclear power could be bolstered by small modular reactors.
    Offshore wind

    O is for… Offshore wind

    Progress in developing offshore wind in Asia-Pacific has been mixed, amid an uncertain outlook for the sector.
    Pumped storage hydropower

    P is for… Pumped hydro

    Pumped storage hydropower has plenty of potential, particularly for countries such as the UK where flexible capacity is so important, writes Christopher Walker
    Quitting fossil fuels

    Q is for… Quitting fossil fuels

    Appetite for traditional oil and gas is set to slump as the energy transition takes effect

    R is for… Recycling

    Waste management is critical to the creation of a more sustainable planet
    Smart grids

    S is for… Smart grids

    Ensuring electricity generated by renewable energy sources can get to points of consumption is crucial to making the energy transition work, but investors face many challenges
    Timberland icon

    T is for… Timberland

    An agreement between UK-based Drax and Molpus Woodlands Group shows how forestry’s role in the energy transition is all about byproduct
    Ukraine flag

    U is for… Ukraine

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlighted the EU’s reliance on Russia for fossil fuels, leading to a surge of funding for the energy transition. Beth Ure explores how things have changed two years into the conflict
    Electric car charging

    V is for… Vehicles

    The electrification of road transport requires upscaling charging infrastructure dramatically, but other forms of transport cannot be left behind in the race to net zero
    Waste-to-energy icon

    W is for… Waste-to-energy

    Removing waste from landfill to generate heat is a compelling proposition, but must ultimately be coupled with carbon capture technology
    Power to X

    X is for… Power-to-X

    Electrification alone won’t get us to net zero, so power-to-X has a role to play.
    Yttrium mining

    Y is for… Yttrium

    Difficult-to-source materials are necessary to build the infrastructure that will decarbonise the world, but sustainability issues abound, writes Beth Ure.
    Zero emissions

    Z is for… Zero emissions

    The climate is changing faster than we originally anticipated and the window to arrest further heating is narrowing.



    Renewables development is becoming a large-cap game

    GPs with deep pockets are capitalising on renewables developers’ distress – and securing continued development.


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