Gatwick’s caring new logo

US FUND MANAGER Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) pledged to initiate many significant changes at the UK’s Gatwick Airport when it took over the asset towards the end of last year. The driver for these changes, it says, is the desire to make the passenger experience much better than it has been in the past.

And, let’s give credit where it’s due. Traditional check-in desks at the airport are being axed in favour of self-check-in facilities in a move designed to eliminate those incredibly frustrating, snaking queues.
Furthermore, the opening of a new £35 million shuttle service between Gatwick’s North and South terminals was imminent at the time of going to press. This is surely another development that passengers can’t fail to applaud.

Where both measures might be marked down by the mean-spirited is their lack of originality. They are vital, but arguably fairly predictable, ways of improving the customer experience. To those world-weary cynics, GIP has an answer – in the form of a liberating new logo.

Incorporating the new pared-down name of “Gatwick” (rather than the old, laborious
“BAA London Gatwick”), the name will be written “in the form of an italicised “signature” rather than in the uncompromising “Rail Alphabet” Helvetica font used by BAA since the Sixties” according to a report in London’s Evening Standard newspaper.

Gatwick chief executive Stewart Wingate told the paper: “We have done the logo in the form of a signature because we want the airport to feel very personal and that we absolutely care about passengers having a good time going through the airport.”

So, in the unlikely event that you find yourself feeling stressed in spite of Gatwick’s overhaul – perhaps because your flight is delayed or even cancelled – we have some advice: find the nearest logo and feel the anxiety lifting from your shoulders.