September 2010 Issue

    Month: September
    Year: 2010

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    Please forward interest (PFI)

    Tory MP campaigns for PFI contractors to ’voluntarily’ reduce interest charges in existing projects

    On the right road

    Chief executive Juan Béjar tells Bruno Alves about turning Global Vía into a transportation powerhouse, seeking third-party investors for the firm and why the market is always correct on asset valuations

    Starting the engine

    A lack of major developers and a ‘potentially attractive secondary market’ were among the reasons for Actis’ new Indian roads joint venture with Tata. Michael Till, Actis’ co-head of infrastructure investments, discusses the initiative with Bruno Alves

    Open minded

    Industry Funds Management, the Melbourne-based international fund manager, made waves earlier this year with its role in the groundbreaking acquisition of a German power grid. Kyle Mangini, the firm’s global head of infrastructure, and Christian Seymour, its head of infrastructure for Europe, met with Andy Thomson recently – and made the case for open-ended funds

    Frying temperatures, fraying nerves

    A trip through a blisteringly hot Iberia reveals a grim outlook for debt financing which may take time to improve even after Europe’s well-publicised bank stress tests. By Bruno Alves

    Road to riches

    Spain and Portugal, despite their differences, both look set to offer transport investors good opportunities over the next two years. Bruno Alves reports from Lisbon and Madrid

    The bottleneck destroyer

    Mexican President Felipe Calderón has won this year’s Infrastructure Investor Minister of the Year* for helping his country launch a viable national market for infrastructure – something that has so far eluded his far richer neighbour to the north

    News analysis / Most Read

    Most-read news stories from over the past month:

    How to access the emerging market opportunity

    The sheer weight of capital that’s needed means emerging market infrastructure is certain to be a huge investment theme going forward. But how can investors exploit the space sensibly, taking into account the various risk factors? Evan McCordick of Cordiant Capital looks at the options

    Searching for the right formula

    The aim of achieving perfect alignment of interest still has infrastructure fund managers and their investors scratching their heads – leading many institutions to consider investing in infrastructure directly instead of through funds. Andy Thomson explores the issues

    Overcoming the fear factor

    In the early months of 2010, liquidity for European infrastructure deals and projects appeared to be steadily increasing as the green shoots of recovery from financial crisis could be glimpsed. But in the second half of the year, confidence has taken a knock. Andy Thomson meets with six leading infrastructure finance professionals to discover why, in spite of confidence in long-term prospects, the short-term outlook is muddled

    Cable and willing

    London’s Mayor is keen on the idea of privately funded cable cars for the 2012 Olympics

    Elvis is back

    What’s that 70s vibe I‘m detecting? Oh yes, Plokhooy has resurfaced

    ‘In the next year you’ll know about us’

    Economic planning minister Christina Liu tells Bruno Alves about Taiwan’s $124bn infrastructure plans, its flexible PPP law, and a local debt market with a ‘huge amount of capital available’. Following this, she’ll be telling the world

    Mangini the coach, Mangini the (infrastructure) player

    Kyle’s game is infrastructure, Eric’s is football. The brothers Mangini both face challenges – one of which is improving prospects for children needing a helping hand

    Big fund, big ambitions

    The Indian government has proposed an $11bn debt fund in order to help finance infrastructure projects and bridge the funding deficit in the sector. Spriha Srivastava canvasses views on it

    Farewell to the revolutionary

    Luis Miranda recently announced he would be stepping down as president and chief executive of IDFC Private Equity in November this year. Andy Thomson reflects on the significance

    The LBO that never was

    CVC’s entrance into Abertis’ capital base turns the private equity firm into its second-largest shareholder by voting rights but gives it direct ownership of only 15.5% of the Spanish developer, writes Bruno Alves

    Loving roads and pipelines

    Road and pipeline deals comprised over 40% of the $58bn in completed infrastructure deals recorded by InfrastructureInvestor Assets’ sector-focused league table for the second quarter. Bruno Alves scans the data

    Do we live together or apart?

    In the post-Crisis world, infrastructure and leveraged buyout investment appear to have been brought closer together – prompting some interesting questions about the nature of the relationship between the two