December / January 2011 Issue

    Month: December
    Year: 2011

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    Tales from the frontline

    Our man discovered he had problems after a day with Occupy Wall Street protesters

    A-Model to remember

    The German public-private partnership market is not a hive of activity, but transport enthusiasts would do well to keep their eyes on five upcoming A-Model road concessions which could be worth upwards of €1bn. By Bruno Alves

    The right kind of boring

    Fresh off a high-profile acquisition, AIMCo boss Leo de Bever took time to talk to Chris Glynn about a ‘boring’ business: infrastructure investing

    Welcome to the ‘new normal’

    Thomas Putter, former co-head of Allianz’s alternative assets business and a pioneer of renewable energy infrastructure investing, believes the world has changed irrevocably. For limited partners, this means the need to think hard about what the infrastructure asset class really is. And for fund managers, it means preparing for a backlash from disaffected stakeholders.

    In the face of a new crisis

    What does the ongoing turbulence in the Eurozone mean for fund managers? Infrastructure Investor gathered six investment professionals in London to discuss – and to find out how it has influenced their approach to deal financing, target sectors, fundraising and more.

    Has the world tilted east?

    The shipping sector has been hit hard by economic turmoil, but it still presents rich pickings for those with an eye for an opportunity. Emma Yang and Jonathan Page of Wikborg Rein reveal the key trends

    For whom the bridge tolls?

    Let’s hope Mersey locals will be happy with a discount

    You can’t stop Lansley

    The UK’s health secretary will provide hospital patients with permanent company – unless they pay

    Disaster in the making

    Portugal’s PPP liabilities – most of them in the transport sector – represent a staggering 14% of GDP. The country’s roads agency, which doles out payments to concessionaires, is threatening to go bust in 2014. Bruno Alves takes a peak at a worrying future

    Too hard a bargain

    Should investors be so eager to apply thumb-screws to GPs on fund economics? Monthly commentary from Infrastructure Investor Senior Editor Andy Thomson

    Transatlantic differences

    There will never be one type of PPP in the US. The reasons can be found in history. Monthly commentary from Infrastructure Investor Senior Reporter Chris Glynn

    It's not all about Washington, D.C.

    Gerelyn Terzo finds some strong opinions on why local rather than national approaches offer the best hope of the US addressing its infrastructure problems

    Sgt. Osborne’s pensions club band

    The UK Chancellor is serious about getting pensions to fund his £30bn infrastructure plan. Now comes the hard bit: translating wishful thinking into meaningful action. Monthly commentary from Editor Bruno Alves

    Australian tax: Less taxing down under

    A proposed change in the tax code for superannuation investment in infrastructure has received an enthusiastic reception.

    The shift from primary to secondary

    As the pipeline of new PFI deals dries up, the focus of fund managers in the UK is increasingly on the secondary market.

    Watching and waiting

    We explore the impact on infrastructure investment businesses globally as the Eurozone’s unfolding traumas put markets everywhere on tenterhooks