September 2014 Issue

    Month: September
    Year: 2014

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    Potential in the pipeline

    Fund manager interest in the US midstream energy sector is growing. Yvonne Li asks why, and explores the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

    PPP Round-Up

    We take a look at the key public-private partnership developments from around the world over the last month.

    Warming up nicely

    Just back from two months of holidays in a galaxy far, far away? Here’s a recap of the hot stuff you missed.

    Obama’s one-stop-shop

    US President Barack Obama has unveiled a new federal infrastructure initiative which may be an important step for the creation of a bridge between public institutions and the private sector. Yvonne Li reports.

    UK hosts party, Japan finds the money

    The East Coast Main Line project has helped the UK to the top of the Q2 league tables, while Japanese lenders maintain their influence.

    Far from the madding crowd

    A new fund will aim to boost infrastructure in some of America’s more remote communities.

    Looking to the long term

    A new industry association was launched by Meridiam Infrastructure in the summer.

    Proceeding with caution

    With a new Governor in office and new leadership at its transportation department, Kalliope Gourntis spoke with Virginia’s new Secretary of Transportation for an update on the state’s P3 efforts.

    At least they tried

    After six years of attempting to establish an infrastructure unit, CVC threw in the towel. Matthieu Favas speaks to the market to find out what went wrong.

    Student becomes teacher

    Many countries look to Australia for guidance on how to get infrastructure right. But in the case of the ‘inverted bid model’ could Australia learn from the US experience?

    Take nothing for granted

    Even in Australia, the most promising of infrastructure markets, no one should assume an easy ride.

    This is no holiday

    How a law firm ensured there would be no complacency in the summer months.

    A bridge too far

    US billionaire Matty Moroun refuses to give the up the fight against infrastructure he would rather not see built.

    The competition that really matters

    With anticipation having reached fever pitch, the US and UK finally know who has come out on top.

    The hunt for growth

    Markets such as India and Brazil offer compelling characteristics for long-term investors, says CPPIB’s Alain Carrier.

    Riding the bumps

    Previously overshadowed by its neighbours, Colombia has attracted interest from infrastructure fund managers thanks to its economic prospects, a supportive regulatory regime and an investment-grade credit rating. But Yvonne Li finds that not everything is straightforward.

    Some hits and some misses

    Success, failure, controversy – the state of Illinois seems to have had it all when it comes to public-private partnerships. Kalliope Gourntis reports.

    Covering over the potholes

    Indian infrastructure has confronted investors with significant challenges, but the new government is taking action to address them. Ajay Jain of Indusbridge Capital Advisors examines the history and provides a glimpse of the future.

    On the frontline

    Three years after its creation, the Russian Direct Investment Fund has already enlisted an impressive array of foreign investors as allies in the modernisation of Russia. Matthieu Favas asks market sources whether the institution’s ambitions could become a casualty of the Ukraine crisis

    Motoring ahead

    Ross Israel, head of QIC Global Infrastructure, provides Kalliope Gourntis with insights into the Queensland Motorways mega-deal that dominated headlines earlier this year, takes a look back at the eight-year journey his team has completed so far, and offers his views on the infrastructure market in the US and elsewhere

    The point of low return

    Despite notable hiccups, infrastructure seems to have largely delivered on promised returns. But its growing popularity is now putting downward pressure on future performance, writes Matthieu Favas

    Can infrastructure measure up?

    For long-term investors to commit to infrastructure, they need a reliable benchmark. But as a diverse asset class with a young track record, creating a meaningful one is no easy task. Andy Thomson finds out more