October 2015 Issue

    Month: October
    Year: 2015

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    Early-bird investors

    Political momentum behind Turkey’s hospital programme is creating healthy prospects for the private sector. A one-off opportunity or a real beginning? Matthieu Favas investigates

    Stranded assets

    A new report advocates a streamlined environmental review process and a “dramatic reduction in red tape” that slows US project development and costs taxpayers trillions. Chase Collum looks at the numbers.

    Strap yourself in

    The latest version of Probitas Partners’ institutional investor survey revealed some intriguing insights – and one or two warning signs. Andy Thomson reports.

    The ripple effect

    China threw a pebble into the financial markets by devaluing its currency. Investors need to be aware of the effects, reports Nia Tam.

    Liquid return for Australia’s mini-Blackstone

    A Brisbane-based alternative assets manager, partly thanks to a new water-focused strategy, is thinking big. Andy Thomson reports.

    At the heart of the action

    Thanks to an increasingly welcoming environment for private capital, Latin American renewable energy offers great potential. Michael Till tells Andy Thomson how Actis is acting on the opportunity.

    Gone with the wind

    A renewables fund launched by Carlyle and Riverstone before the Financial Crisis has lost nearly all its value. This suggests infrastructure doesn’t always do what it says on the tin, writes Matthieu Favas.

    Taking advantage of America’s energy boost

    With power generation in the US already having undergone deregulation, and the focus increasingly on transmission, Starwood Energy is seeing plenty of opportunity for its strategy of hands-on involvement at the development stage. Andy Thomson finds out more from Brad Nordholm and Himanshu Saxena.

    Nothing to brag about

    Bipartisan support for long-term transportation funding is growing, but a new fault line between the Senate and House may prevent US highways from getting the long-term funding they desperately need.

    Light at the end of the tunnel

    Through some innovative deal structuring, Thames Tideway may be the project that paves the way for large-scale institutional investment in the greenfield space

    A fairway to go

    As it embarks on the steep road to recovery, Balfour Beatty is taking tips from a golf coach (kind of).

    Wheel assets

    Some adventurous lawyers decided to do the cycling equivalent of climbing Mount Everest – twice.

    Strife on the ocean wave

    How an Aussie investment professional proved himself a dedicated swimmer and fundraiser.

    The search for clarity

    Valuing privately held infrastructure equity presents numerous challenges. Frederic Blanc-Brude and Majid Hasan of the EDHEC-Risk Institute propose a way forward

    It’s always sunny in the Atacama

    Known among investors for its favourable investment climate, Chile has cranked turbines to top speed on its renewable energy ambitions, but unless transmission systems are grown to match, these ambitions may be curtailed. Chase Collum reports

    Favourable tailwinds

    Chinese fund manager CGN Private Equity is turning its attention to foreign investors for its third fund, which focuses on renewable energy. Raymond Fung, the fund’s chief investment officer, tells Andy Thomson why

    Opportunity from volatility

    The power markets of Europe have witnessed some fast-changing dynamics in recent years. Chris Wilson of LeighFisher explains the changes and why astute investors may benefit 

    Waking the sleeping giant

    Pooling the resources of multiple UK pension funds to invest in areas such as infrastructure has become Sir Merrick Cockell’s burning ambition. The new London Pensions Fund Authority chairman talks to Andy Thomson about progress so far

    Why renewables are different

    The existence of subsidies and lower leverage are among the factors that make renewable energy assets unique from a valuation standpoint. Tomas Freyman and Saeed Soheily of BDO shed light on how to come up with an appropriate methodology

    My way or the runway

    Airports are as popular as they are complex businesses. Matthieu Favas asks investors for valuation tips to understand how they seek to land on their feet