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Almost famous

Hillary Clinton was close to making our infrastructure dreams come true. Her $275 billion infrastructure proposal is good, but, according to one of her leaked emails, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx was at one point under consideration for being her vice presidential nominee. She obviously didn’t pick him, and we think she missed out. The US needs someone with knowledge of procurement and P3s to be higher in the order of succession than where the transport secretary currently is: 14th.

Here’s a quick reminder of his track record. He is the former mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. Remember the five-year surface transportation bill Congress finally passed last December? He had a big part in that. The Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act? That was him too. He also played a part in the breakthrough Port Authority of New York and New Jersey deal last year. It’s only natural that we would advocate for someone like Foxx to be the potential president’s number two person.

How could Hillary not have buyer’s remorse after reading his resume?